POP 'N' TWIN BEE (last level)
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LAST LEVEL!! - Dr Mardock's Base

Ah, the final level. Things get hectic now, and lots of enemies fill the screen. The hardest part for me was trying to juggle the bell colors you want and not get killed.

In a tribute to robotron, these squared off spinning robots converge on you. Games today need more stuff like this.

The last time you have to fight the evil twin brother, this time he's got a shield and two options-he must have been collecting bells too. I went nuts with the special attack, since he is difficult and there are no more powerups before the final boss.

The final boss: a mech version of yourself! I got a kick out of this guy. He's not hard though-dodge the missiles, don't stay directly under the hands for too long a time, and X marks the spot to finish him off.

The prof's finished, purple hair, bunny slippers and all! Serves him right for being such a badly-dressed boss, I mean, I'd destroy anyone who didn't wear socks in public.

I thought the continue screen was cute, so I included it. And so completes another chapter in the world of Shmups, and another notch put on the joystick.

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