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Hereís a look at some of the selectable craft. There isnít really too much difference between them. One offers a stealth option, which makes you invincible, and there is a difference in inertia controlls.

(The difference, regarding the inertia, is rather huge. Try to power up that Crux to the max =P. The Scout allows more levels of speed-ups, but not much weapon power. And then you have the middle range ship. Personally, I always use the Crux. The Buildup ability is tops - Akira)

Step one: reach the planet. Step two: blow stuff up. Step three: port this series to the Playstation, but donít market it well. Step four: side with Grant and me, who like X2, or everyone else, who hates it.

(I'd like to give X2 a good try! - Akira)

I love the graphics in PX. Very colorful and almost rendered looking. As you can see, this is a knock off of the Gradius series.

A warm up for the boss, three oversized enemies try to slow your progress.

(And they leave tasty powerups once beaten - Akira)

Bosses in PX are well designed graphically, but donít really do much with gameplay. They are only attackable in certain sections, and itís pretty obvious what it is here (pixel 261,203. Aim carefully)

Electrical storms? Thatís the last thing I want to hear. This inertia thing is bad enough!

More beautiful backgrounds (impressive, Commodore!) and enemies who stole the top of a pepper shaker.

Lightning does flash from time to time, and I think it messes up control of the ship for a second or two. Kind of a pain when dealing with things like this snake.

Second boss, already damaged a bit. I must admit, I used the level select and then the invincibility code to get this review done. Yes, Project X is hard, and one day I may go back again and do it the right way.

(And perhaps you want to try the normal edition, which is even harder! - Akira)

Will your ship crack going from extreme cold to extreme heat? Not with Acme Thermal Shields, makers of Thermal Underwear ô

Yet another graphically excellent level. Check out those lighting and shading effects! Most games handle the fire levels pretty well: Gradius, Project X, and Gradius 4 come to mind.

(More X in page 2 - Akira)


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