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This miniboss statue wasted me... you have to hide above the head when it spits fire, then swing down and shoot the mouth.

The twin bosses of level three. Not suited for a fire level at all. I would have had a fireplace bellows or something more flame related.

My least favorite level, the water level. You can stay submerged for a short time, but I think staying under too long may kill you.

Cartoony fish enemies are the least of your problems here.

I would say Project X is the best Amiga shooter hands down. It’s easily SNES quality graphics.

(You ain't seen nothing yet. Disposable Hero is another fine example among Amiga shmups - Akira)

If I remember right, this guy spins around, and you have to hit the blue area. Very hard to do submerged in water and subjected to inertia.

Great, I could use another challenge...

Level 5 has lots of larger enemies, and mostly in pears (not the fruit kind)

Wait, what’s this? Another R-Type homage? Or did they just ‘happen’ to think of a circular rotating gunbelt?

(Naaah, what's R-Type? - Akira)

Ok, grab the grandkids, it’s story time. I got to this thing, and kept shooting it for a good twenty minutes straight. Obviously the center part is the weakness. So, with nothing happening-he didn’t even flicker white, I gave up, only later to use the invincibility code and take him out the cheap way. Unable to be hurt, the tough guy in me flew into the center of the ship, which then cause the ring to spin round, exposing the blue section. So what this game expects you to do is fly in the center of that, and not get hit? Sheeyeah, right!!! Wonder if anyone’s beaten this game without cheating?

(It's damned unfair, lemme tell you. I wonder how much difficult can the normal edition get! - Akira)

Did someone count those pieces, to get to several billion? The only time you can use the phrase “several billion” is when it’s followed by the name Bill Gates. Oh, and I’m supposed to beat this game without losing a life??!! Are they serious, or being sarcastic?

(Funny thing, if I remember correctly, if you do it without losing a life, it gives you the same crap =P - Akira)

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