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Bet you didn't expect an organic level in R-Type eh?

This one's quite short, but damned hard! Worst of all are the acid drips, which help by melting away obstructions, but hinder by dripping on you and melting your bodywork. Not nice. Here you have to patiently wait for the acid to clear a path up through the walls.

Watch out for the red blobs that home in too.


Not really a sub boss, as when you get close enough it zooms up the screen and lets you past. After this follows a really typical R-type bit in which enemies start to creep up behind you and you don't have enough room to affix the Force to your arse in time.


Exiting the claustrophobic bits, you relax by shooting a few easy enemies - always a sign that the boss is nigh!


And here it is. Basically just an eye - thats the bit you need to hit. You only seem to be able to damage it when it's open, and then only with Beamshots or the Hyper weapon.


Hyper weapon in action, shame the eye is closed! It;s all down to luck and timing, as the huge wiggly things get VERY close together (no problems with sperm count here!) and you'll be lucky to manoeuvre between them, much less get a good shot in.


A very pleasing sight!

Gather your wits together and have a quick scratch, as there's no room for stopping in level THREE


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