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For the first time in a shooter: Siamese twins!

And as a part of the separation operation, this poor guy’s eyes were removed! C'mon, what are you scripters putting these people through!

(Hmm, he miraculously recovered an arm - Akira)

More intro scenes to level one.

Finally, some action! Regular level enemies look really cool in MK2, as shown here. I’m using an up close weapon, the light saber rip off... Calm down, Luke.

Here’s the first boss with a nasty looking wide laser, assisted by two sidekicks.

After the boss, dodge this short volley of blasts from the background. Like I said, I don’t know what going on.

Level 2 intro screen

As we can see, the day the PS2 was launched was quite chaotic. .

I can picture the captain saying, “Where’s my coffee, dammit! 25 billion dollars for a starship and we’re all outta coffee!”

Cell phones are EXTREMELY powerful in the near future...

These enemies deploy mech suits, so kill them quick. Experiment with the many different weapons given you in MK2.

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