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Those jets are pushing that moon into that planet. I think some kind of large engine got turned on and now someoneís doomed.

Now the attack plan on how to defeat the death sta... er, um, the jet boosters.

These guys stink. Donít get hit by the huge volley of missiles.

Level sevenís boss. The red sabers have a nice lighting effect, they flash colors and spin around. Looks like Axelay in the background too.

Level 8 intro

Now thatís a nice explosion... or a light bulb being pushed through a bee hive.

Itís the end of the world as we know it, and Iím playing Silpheed 2.

I think these are our guys mounting an attack. But whatís left to attack after that chaos?

Yes, thereís even the snake.

The purple boss is back again, playing connect the dots with your mech!

The finale! Last boss starts off encased, and then busts out and flies away from you. The arms have a ripple laser, so watch out for the large range.

Now, for such a graphically intense game, the ending is really, really short. Enjoy the ride as itís going, cause it ainít ending up anywhere special. All in all, if you like story based games (Metal Gear Solid) and/or shooters, and understand Japanese give MK2 a try. Any translations of the story would be welcome also...

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