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Sit back and let these two tuff guys duke it out for a while. Or be a nice guy and help out.

Second boss, some of which don’t look very practical, yet have a good fighting style. If story mode is on, the action is way slowed down with lots and lots of chatter.

Level 3 intro screen

Halfway through level 3, you get your metallic rear end handed to you. What now? BTW, Greg must have replied to “what’s your favorite web site?”, he’s been to

(We're famous, we =P - Akira)

Lookie here, a new mech suit. Much more powerful too... Try out some of the new weapons on this turret adorned monster.

Level 4 intro

My word, could you imagine the manual for a machine such as the Spriggan? I just hope it doesn’t use any Firestone parts.

Here’s the weapon select screen. Find out what causes the most mayhem for you and roll with it.

This is a strange lashing weapon from level four.

Spriggans look ready to go hiking, with those huge backpacks strapped on.

Fourth boss fight take place during re-entry! But a lot can happen in one minute, like this guy getting reemed by some equipped with superior firepower.

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