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The weapon select screen. Pushing up or down will make the weapon pod on the platform change.

Thatís one mean backpack!


This game is not meant to be taken seriously at all. Just look at the stark raving mad fish skeletons! A neat effect is the reflection in the mirror behind you.

Ack! Speaking of which, it jumps out and starts attacking! Thatís 14 years of bad luck...

Results and ranking. I like these features, they make you want to play better next time.

The trouble shooters at home, enjoying a quiet evening... not for long though. This series reminds me of the anime Bubble Gum Crisis.

(Poor BGC - Akira)

That snake seems to go on forever... This is one special weapon too, it covers your 12 oíclock and 6ío clock.

The riff raff that ride the subways these days...

This little guy got a new toy for Christmas. Shoot him to disable his robot.

Wow, that thing wonít quit! Ladies, do your job!


Why didnít someone stop that building before? Címon, it just looks evil...

Today youíre a guest on Monty Pythonís Flying Circus. (Remember the foot in the intro?) Iíd like a Spam, Spam, eggs, Spam and sausage, please.

(More sausage in page 2 - Akira)



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