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Trouble shooter tic-tac-toe.

Yes, when the heroine gets hit, she gives a little “ouch.”.

This boss takes a while to die, if I remember correctly. Where do you suspect he can be hit?

You’ve just beaten the level boss... what’s next? “I’m going to Disneyland! No, wait, the next E3 show in California... no, wait, Irem headquarters in Japan...”

Neither white men nor robots can jump. Ask the level four boss. Good D girls, good D.

(D #!! D #!!! - Akira)

Could level five have something to do with that ship in the background?

(Naaaaaaaaah! - Akira)

You need a car just to keep up with this grinning tank.

Look REAL close at those flying plumbers! It’s a me, Mario!

(Ci vediamo! Spaghetti, bolognesa - Akira)

I don’t know if you’re running into or away from something.

Level six is a funky mechanical type deal. Lots of surprises here.

Remember those claw games you’d have to play to get your girlfriend a cheap little prize? Well, it’s mad about all those plastic kazoos you nabbed...

The last thing to appear in the game is a raccoon head with life preservers floating around him... the Japanese are kinda odd...

Hmm.. page 3 this way - Akira)



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