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Um... hereís more plot... the guy with only one eye wants to know how the girls fly, and warn them not to die.

I would almost call this a Parodius like shooter, itís hard to take it seriously.

Nearing the final boss, eh... this guy's got more forms than the Internal Revenue Service.

His latter form is just fighting the helmet, and after you beat that...

... You find out something attacked your home base! The oldest trick in the book, distract and attack!

Timers are ALWAYS bad news. But 600 ticks should leave plenty of time to dispatch this guy and escape from the base.

Right before you get out, that helmet stops up the wall in front of you! Still plenty of time, stay out of harmís way and aim for the face.

More?! This ugly creature can be taken out one piece at a time. Knock off the parts, then aim for the human stuck in the middle.

She looks mad about something... considering the firepower sitting on her back, I wouldnít mess with her.

The final results of the game... havenít figured out what the guts bonus is yet.

Everyone says goodbye to the evil things in the city, from the demon train to the gargoyle temple.

The final ending screen... and look, if you enhance the picture, you can see whoís really in the Trouble Shooter car... itís none other than Shmupy malc himself, Malcolm! Must be giving the crime fighting duo a lift home after a busy day... we wonít tell the Mrs., Malc.

(_fab_ Mini =] - Akira)



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