The story is that this girl was on her way to her wedding, when she got her hands stuck in between bubble gum and a giant marble. It's up to you, Twinbee, to shoot down lots of enemies to rescue her! (if my japanese isn't rusty)

Here we see a combination of level one, a powerup shot and a happy cloud.

I can beat the first boss with one hand tied behing my, even missing for that sake.

Every beaten level treats you to a cinema...well, non moving pic. This lad shows his support for our hero wearing his Twinbee© shirt

(Err... this lad is the pilot of the Twinbee! - Akira)

Had to show you the pink elephants here. You wouldn't believe me without the screenshot. Those other blue guys are options.

The second boss is quite innovative: you fly aside a ship to the front, destroy portions of it, then backtrack and finally take out the back. Multi-screened bosses are cool yet rare.

Is she piloting the Twinbee? Did she sneak in from Area 88? Or is that just the new model super Relax-O easy chair with complex controls? I have to learn japanese.

(Actually, this girl here pilots the Gwinbee, a pink Twinbee with different shape and abilities - Akira)

Level 3 has a complex floating city structure. Graphics are old-school, but still not hard on the old eye.

Now THIS boss is neat... as you shoot the sides, the top rotates, and only one section is vulnerable. So you've got to spin him to get open, then attack at just the right time. We need more bosses like this (game programmers, I know you're reading...)

The wedding girl is elected mayor of the floating city, and immediately raises taxes, makes official holidays that nobody has ever heard of, and makes it legal to remove those matress tags.

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