The level four jellyfish boss shoots a giant laser stream back at you after being shot. Like a family in the witness protection program, keep moving.

Tonight on "Honey I Shrunk the Twinbee", Bill takes a nasty spill on his head, and Jill's hair dye isn't what she expected! (Cute'em ups are easy to make fun of ...)

The level five background is nice, with large waterfalls spilling off to nowhere.

This boss is a pain. Beat him only to have it change color and change attack patterns. After about three, he gives up and dies. Why are snake bosses so popular in shooters?

While Bill gets buried in the sand, Jill dons her straw suncap and gets the job fixing toilet seats.

The pistachio ice cream level! Or is it a dangerous gas?

The beggining and end of the last boss. He isn'nt so tough, just menacing looking.

I still don't have a clue as to what's going on....who cares, it was fun getting this far.

(Well, the only thing the girl says here is "Thank you, Twinbee, Winbee, Gwinbee" hope that clarifies things =P - Akira)

I still think Lords of Thinder has the best Game Over screen.....



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