Again, the played out storyline. Here is a time line to bring you up to date with the events of the universe, and a few highlights from the long intro....

Wow, even before Gaiden, in the late 80's you can pick from four different ships...

Then program the options, and choose between that lame @ or a real forcefield.

Say, remember those candy red-hots? I used to love them.

Yup, knew this was coming. I read the book before called Gradius 2, and know how it ends. No birds were harmed during the making of this game.....except for this one....

Level two (more plants?) and this curious looking thing opens up....shall we look inside?

Neat! A new enhancement. Though it is named "twinkle laser" it packs a nice punch.

I had an idea-know how when you are fully powered up, and you collect tons of red icons, all for no good reason? Every time you scroll through force field and back to speedup, your weapons should get more powerful. This way, you have to choose between weapon or power...(hint, hint Konami...)

Eye think, therefore eye am........I think popeye said that.....

Since you're so dirty, level three gives you a meteor shower.

This part stinks: the upper lines pull you up, the lower lines pull you down.

Now you have to navigate black holes, which also try to pull you in. Give in to their attraction and you're back at the beginning of the level again.

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