Ok, I think you're going back in time to stop the bad guys before they even start.

Here's that other part that's in all Gradius games: the rushed music and quick power-up stage.

It's now getting so that I can't remember what version I'm playing. He is in Life Force, Salamander, Gradius 2, this one.....NEW bosses, Konami, NEW bosses.

Forgetting to compensate for leap years and daylight savings time, you are too late...

But on the good side, Moai heads are now half robotic! Spit out Cheerios and do millions of calculations per second.

Now they are equipped with the up-laser from other games. Very deadly, that blue line grows bigger as it rises.

The boss of level five, just flown in from Mt. Rushmore. I think it's Washington.

Level five is a porcupine's haven.

Masquerading as a boss, this dragon head is really just a fancy wall.

Maybe Gradius should repeat bosses, because this one is really lame. Looks like it belongs on top of my Christmas tree......all it does is extend the outer arms a bit and slowly move about.

Level six, the sand level one in Gradius 3. Watch for falling sand streams.

More level 6 over here!

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