The winner of the local high school science fair donated his project to Nemesis 3.

If you don't have the whole map, the game will send you back to the level it is in. Thank goodness you don't have to start from the beginning.

The shield is in level nine, and is important for the ending of the game. You can't use it during the game itself, which was disappointing.

Now THIS is a last level....(hint: the shield is somewhere in this picture)

Like an annoying leaky faucet, green ooze spews forth threatening your craft.

These arms bend toward you....aim for the orange weak spot. Destroying the last one gives you a new weapon....

Which you have to use here to get past that wall. Too bad you can't save it for a boss.

Boss 9, complete with a cute little rainbow laser. Probably cuts right through butter, like a....a...blowtorch.

But wait, there's more! Dodge this monstrosity, enter through the back (did I mention you need a back shot? You have to learn the same way I did.....) and waste the red eye.

On to a shorter, even MORE organic level, to the dismembered head. This one puts up a little resistance, but ignore it and cut the threads up top.

The ending, and I'm not going to complain! You'll see where the shield comes in handy, and I guess if you don't have it, you get a bad ending. I thought there was going to be more game, and fumbled for the joystick again, but was wrong.

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