The walls close in too, but the MSX is so choppy, you can see it coming a mile and a half away.

I want to hook the washing machine up to the boss of level six. Three ugly nightcrawlers that extend in your direction, one at a time.

All together now: organic - near the end.......

I bet that is a secret, but I was too chicken to try.

The plant elevators bob up and down, only to stop where you shoot them. Flying through one gives you a bonus weapon.

I hate this.....each star bounces electricity to another one close by. I stay near the top or bottom to decrease the amount of stars you are near.

After that grueling course, you are rewarded with an easy boss. Just two arms that grab at you, and little amoebas looking for a new home...

Yes, sir, that's a Gradius last level all right.

Gee, the floor even uproots itself at you. Wonder if the makers of Gradius 3 played this one? Luckily all this repetition made me read for it.

You really don't appreciate powerups until you lose them....

Ok, this game has 5 important hidden items: this sensory device, a shield, and three pieces to a map that you need to finish the game. The sensor is on this level, but I won't ruin it and tell you where. With the sensor, you can find the map pieces and finish the game.

The final part of the review, this way!

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