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<< The game starts out fast and heavy with a formation that begins as just one ship - then morphs into a wave right toward you!

>> These guys do some wicked snake-like maneuvers. Very hypnotizing.

<< Approaching the colony - a little more aggressive now - but not too insane.

>> These rotating dudes are not bad - just donít stay in their way too long.

[ Wow. Nice isometric look... - Felix the Cat ]

<< Aahh! I should take my own advice. Well at least now you know what an exploding ship looks like. Too bad itís my own!

[ KABOOM!! - Felix the Cat ]

>> Whoa! What is this? A big silver ball??? HmmÖdoesnít look too bad.

[ The Death Star in miniature - Felix the Cat ]

<< Iíll just shoot a couple bullets at him to see what happens. Heís probably harmless.

>> Huh! He just deflects them like they were spitballs! And now he has turned on his super-duper industrial strength tractor beam and is sucking me in for breakfast.
(trick - stay to the very left edge of the screen because heís as strong as a 100 Hp vacuum-cleaner. Add to that heís as tough as nails to kill - nearly impossible)

<< Yeah ;)~ I get to descend onto this ledge and am now protected from the enemy fire above. Instead of shooting cannons, I get to toss bombs here at these purple colored enemy wheels using a target crosshair. (note - your ships movement becomes much slower and less agile on the ledge, but itís worth it - not so hectic, and you can always rise back up and down at will between the 2 modes)

>> Take note of that yellow munchkin with the red flag. Heís your friend and youíll want to snuggle up to him so that you can replenish your secondary weapon - an auto-seeking yellow plasma ball(?) that cleans house pretty nicely. It only lasts around 5-10 seconds though.

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