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<< These are my favorite enemy! When you shoot them - they explode their bullet pods radially towards you! What a totally cool effect.

[ If you blur your eyes a bit it looks like the Statue of Liberty... - Felix the Cat ]

>> See what I mean. I just toasted one - and now run for cover

<< What is really neat though - are the point scores which briefly flash on-screen with some enemy types. Very retro.

>> Check out that red/pink dude on top. He’s mean. Don’t screw with him. Just keep your distance. As well, a whole flurry of pink rockets shoot at you from all different directions at random. Very intense here.

<< Now approaching another ledge which I can use to power up my plasma ball. Notice these weird ships in front. They also rotate and spit forth lead. Quite a unique design.

>> Ok. Now we’re getting serious. No more fun & games. These small red ‘flies’ propel at you in a flurry and are extremely fast. Enter all out-dodge mode for hope of survival. The waves are relentless.

[ And you're supposed to shoot those pixel sized things?! - Felix the Cat ]

<< Activate yellow colored plasma-ball Scotty. Engage. (heh - good thing for this back-up weapon ‘cause it would be pure hell without it. Only use when absolutely necessary though, since they are not easy or abundant to replenish on the ‘ledges’.)

>> Take that you meanies. How does it feel now?

[ Pretty blue explosions - Felix the Cat ]

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