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<< This green whatcha-ma-call-it fern thing ‘drops’ a crapload of bullets on ya. Be careful.

[ A giant sized Statue of Liberty wannabe - Felix the Cat ]

>> Another purple species.

<< Holy smokes! The ball had babies! Ohhhhh nooooo…

[ I hate alien reporduction - Felix the Cat ]

>> These guys are easier to kill than their papa - but there’s so many. Shoot-shoot-shoot!

<< Pretty colors!

[ They look like the little jacks you use in that really old playground game! - Felix the Cat ]

>> We’re getting there. Things sure are hairy these days.

<< Uggghhh. Now THESE guys are plain brutal. The pic doesn’t do justice. They zip all over the screen chasing you AND firing at ya. A nasty mix.

[ And now we have funny looking Space Invaders! - Felix the Cat ]

>> And no, heheh, they aren’t blueberry ice-cream cones!

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