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<< No! This canít be happening. I though you were gone. (Gulp) RUN!

>> Youíre impervious to pain. I donít know what to do with you Mr Ball.

<< BTW - That Ďredí basically means youíre now having a bad day.

>> Oooh, some spikey porcupiny thingies.

<< Those small pink circles are missiles getting ready to make mince-meat out of ya.

>> Finally! Iím at the brain!!! Gentlemen, itís time to unleash Ďen masseí. 20 good hits will splatter that thing all over the universe.

[ Urgh. A tower with a brain lodged in it. Can alien architecture get any nastier? - Felix the Cat ]

<< Thank-you, thank-you very much. Victory (:o)>

[ What a cheesy ending! What do I look like? A football player?! - Felix the Cat ]



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