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The floor of level six will kill you, be sure to buy the boots in the shop if you want to touch the ground. I recommend those with a laser to finish up this level very quickly. BZZT!!!!

A very unhappy electrical device... When the bar in the eyesocket fills up, he releases a charge.

Hit this boss enough, and out come...

... Baby shrimp! You have to shoot them until they turn brown and canít move, but donít touch the dead ones, because they still hurt you.

(Demand your original Bubba-Gump shrimps - Akira)

Yep, you guessed it, refight all the bosses yet again! I like the bizarre space harrier type background.

The last boss, a larger version of yourself, has the ability to drop a one megaton weight on your head. Thatís heavy enough to really, really, hurt.

Wait, thatís not all! This odd looking robot shoots a ring that slows Opa down should he get caught, then curls up into a ball and bounces around the screen. Who is he, and where does he come from? Like I said, the storyline evades me.

There appears to be an even more sinister character behind all this, perhaps someone high ranking in Konami, who refuses to release their games stateside. There is also a promise of another game, which, like Axelay, was released only to Elvis and some of his closest companions.

Fantasy Zone showcase
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