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At the beginning of most levels, a cosmic K-Mart dropps into view.

Here’s a look at some of the upgrades. Took me forever to find out you can scroll further to the right. I recommend a speed up, twin bombs, and in hard levels, a laser.

Yes, in the Fantasy Zone, even the trees attack! Time to leaf...

The programmers, for lack of inspiration, probably used a telephone for these generators. Should I shoot it or answer it?

I don’t know what this is... he rains bullets and has a rotating shield that must be shot through. The inner ring must be hit, and it takes some pummeling.

(Looks like a halfbreed of Erlenmeyer and lightbulb to me - Akira)

One of the cutest things of Opa Opa is the pair of feet that pop out whenever he approaches the ground... I usually stay up near the top of the screen though.

“Violent cheese”! Sounds like the name of a band.

It’s hard to see the generators here in level four. I like to buy a laser, stand on the ground, run in a straight line and destroy the enemy in about 15 seconds. Nice trick when they are all in a row like this.

Piranahs with overbite, and loose teeth. What next? These fillings are tough to dodge sometimes.

I’ve upgraded from wings to a jet motor, now the play control factor has dropped exceedingly. More speed=more death (listen to this, you teenagers reading this who are just starting to drive! You can learn a lot from games).

Doobie - doobie - doooo ... remember that Bud Ice commercial? With the penguin?

(But... where's the penguin? - Akira)

Fantasy Zone showcase
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