Fantasy Zone showcase
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By now you get the idea... go shoot stuff...

Level 6 boss: a turtle that spits stuff out at you, and ducks the head in and out.

Now here’s a “happy, cheery, everythings right with the world” kinda background. Guess that’s why they call the game Fantasy Zone.

I hate this thing. It breaks up into blocks (which don’t hurt you), then reforms right where you are. Each time you hit it makes it faster, so be sure you’ve bought some kinda speed increase.

Oh, lovely. Level eight has you fighting all the bosses again. As if you didn’t kick butt before...

The last guy starts out hidden, and dispatches little bug things that cut and weave and leave a trail behind (remember the bikes from Tron?). There are about six of them, each getting faster. The last one is so fast, I recommend buying a 2000t bomb from the shop, standing over it, and using that bomb to finish it off.

Follow that strategy, and a huge Opa comes out and starts a talk show (oops, sorry that’s Opra...)

Earthshattering news flash! The ending to STAR WARS was ripped off from Fantasy Zone! Shmups is not only a shooter review site, but a beacon of truth to the world! Wait a minute, Star Wars came out first... there goes that theory. The enemy turns out to be your pops... how odd. A fun dysfunctional family game nontheless.

Here’s a shot or two from the arcade version. Notice there is now a map at the bottom showing what generators need to be destroyed, along with arcade quality graphics. This is a different boss, in which you have to shoot all the sections off both arms.

Another new and better boss, the whirlwind arms spin and force you to circle while shooting at the eye of the storm in the center.

The same end guy as before, dear old dad, only now you can see how many bug thingies are left.

Fantasy Zone showcase
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