Ok, this is a variation of the shooter snake. It's a snake, but it's attached. Still counts though.

(HEY, I've seen those snakes in Battletoads! Zero points to Rare for originality - Akira)

Second boss..charges you with those cool looking knife things on his wrists.

Doo.doo.doo...another one bites the dust...

I hate level three. Tons of enemies, and little room to move around. What are jellyfish doing out of the water?

Here, you just have to learn the patterns that the worms come out, and know the safe spots. This will use up a few men.

I saw this movie once..."The boss that wouldn't die!" Don't I remember you from Blaster Master? Call Jason!

Stage two of the boss that wouldn't die, you've taken out the head, but the body keeps movin'.

Stage three, and now teenie tiny frogs pour out from the body and hop around.

Stage four, the heart! By now, I'm yelling die already! Die already!

This guy, Spriggan's evil math professor from third grade, makes a return from retirement. "I will make you learn the circumference and volume of spherical objects, if it's the last thing I ever do!" The ugly blue guy must be the teacher's pet. (Once again, I don't really know the story..)

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