Level four looks like a hot air balloon factory. When you shoot the caps off of those things, the flames hurt you, so watch out. It took me a little while to figure out what was hurting me.

That lava has a very nice ripple effect, almost like Thunderforce 3.

Boss number four is just a giant missile launcher plopped in the middle of a lava field. Its way too heavy to even move. Just fires missiles. And does a poor job even of that. You're fired...

Why wouldn't the machine just sink in the first place? Being set in lava and all...

Level six, the "evil castle level". There are a lot of walls, but fortunately, in Spriggan, the walls don't hurt you. I love shooters like that, freedom to touch the walls..quite a stretch from R-Type and the like.

Those tubes roll giant balls at you, but they are slow enough to dodge.

Here's a miniboss that can shoot lasers out from his hands. He can pick his friends, but he can't pick his nose.

Beat him, and the floor falls away, down you go into the second part of level six. Tons and tons of debris here, which takes many hits to destroy.

This dragon's bark is much worse than his byte (8 megs I would assume..). You can blast off the hands, or just go straight for the kill.

Why you don't see the dragon getting smashed, I don't know. That must be the final level, or a really close up picture of a toothpaste cap.

I guess we'll find out in page 4!

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