How can I put this?..level seven..stinks. Huge, deadly enemies, and lots of them. This thing keeps the lasers on for a while, and sweeps the screen. Ouch.

And this..ugh.rapid fire purple lasers. Keep moving, or else.

(Nothing as good as some morning exercise - Akira)

"Now you'll see why you failed the fourth grade, and had to repeat! I may already be in reruns on this TV, but I'm twice as deadly!"

Why grandma, what huge lasers you for the split second charge up to see which ones are going to fire. Then, move to where it's not going to blast.

Final level, just a few more bosses to go. First this can actually touch the ship, so when he starts blasting away at you, remember there is more room than it looks to dodge. As you carve it up, expect new attacks to appear.

The final guy, the cosmic purple nurple.

Peek a boo! You can only hurt him when he shows his face.

One final form, an ugly face that spits up at you. Hopefully you have some bombs stored up.

Hurrah! You did it. Return back to the kingdom for a hero's welcome, a ticker tape parade, and a new gold watch for you troubles. Now it's time to service the Spriggan..oil change, lube job, replacement shot off parts, comes to about 1 million dollars..sigh.:{ Thanks Compile. This one kept just enough of the old formula that Compile is so known for, with the right amount of gameplay and eye-candy thrown in for the ride.

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