Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a floating city,
That got invaded by some baddie guys,
This fighting won't be pretty.
The battle started getting rough,
The floating city got rocked,
Our two main heroes said to themselves,
- 'This just must be stopped, This just must be stopped..."
So they jumped into a flying mech,
Spriggan was it's name,
Seats two people with no air-bags,
Now that is just a shame...

(Sung to Gilligan's Island... Well, sorry, I had to do something for the intro...I don't know the story...)

One of Spriggan's highpoints is it's beatuiful, eye candy graphics. Hope you brought an umbrella along for the ride, cause there's a ton a cloud covering.

The first mini-boss of the game. I'm actually glad I can't see what's underneath all those clouds.

I can't believe those tiny propellers can hold up an entire floating fortress like that. What's next, two people in a single mech taking on an army of invaders? Reality factor = -2.

What shootemup would be complete without guns. Big guns, little guns, loud guns, deadly guns, lethal guns, and here gatling guns.

Half-bat, half-machine, all boss. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Kingdom Grandprix? These two games seem almost interchangeable. I'm expecting 7 other ships to race ahead of me as I'm pelting this thing.

Spriggan offers cool cutscenes, usually showing the boss blowing up with the heroes in a victorious pose.

You'll notice the extra men start to rack up, esp. when defeating bosses, but trust me, you'll need them.

Staring down the barrels of 14 guns isn't much fun...the bigger ones shoot a spreadshot, so try to take them out first. Use Shumpman's advice!

(Shmup-who? - Akira)

(Oh my gawd, it's you again! shoo, pest!

I just hope you are not on the next page

- Akira)

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