Level 2

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Now that's a cool ass mission screen. While I never could quite
understand what I was looking at, you have to admit, wireframe is cool.
It's time to descend upon the great glaciers. Watch out for these
satellites of doom. Try not to steal from them, or you'll end up with this
crap homing shot...err, S-laser.

What would a shmup be without huge guns. The NRA of the
future must be proud :)
These big ships give you a slow but powerful G-Beam. This is one of the
weapons that you want to keep throughout the whole game. If you're
as good as me that is...:P

And making his appearance for the 100th time is the long snake\dragon
thingie that can only be killed from head shots. This one even more
annoying that most of the other ones. If you die here, prepare to kick yourself.
This cave is really annoying. You have follow these narrow paths while
being attacked by lots of enemies. The screen even scrolls vertically
for about three additional screens in both directions. It sucks. Did I
mention that the bullets manage to always hover in front of you :(

Now this rocks. You fly into this room, which floods with enemies
and water. However, the music on this section just plain sucks.
It sounds like mega Drive cowboy music. Sheesh..
This boss is actually harder in clam form.
It shoots this 4-way shot that is really hard to avoid.

This "lovely" lady is a big pain in the ass as well. Take her down
and show her that this ain't the Little Mermaid. Under the sea my ass!!



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