Level 4

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More doom mapness. At this point it's starting to all look the same.
This space junkyard is pretty cool. Not bad for an early shmup.
Kinda reminds me of a futuristic Sandford and Son.

More junk. And here I thought that in the future, man would have
learned not to litter. Alas, Barney and Bigbird's message has gone unheard.

[ Who listens to the big purple anti-christ and a large yellow
chicken anyways? - Felix the Cat ]
Another quiet moment. I suggest two glasses of water and a laxitive
before proceeding. You want to be nice and peppy for the next section.

I never really understood what the point of this part was. You fly
into this elevator, and these "blueballs" come flying into the room.
However, they don't "shoot" anything at you.
Yeah, I'm pretty sick, but so what.
I've always been a fan of the space colony levels in most shumps.
This was actually the first time I ran across something like this.
However, the effect is kinda ruined by the 1985 looking buildings,
but what are ya gonna do, right?

[ Wall Street, or the London Docklands, complete with stupidly
designed roadmaps - Felix the Cat ]

Now those planes just look sad. While this is an early shooter,
they could have tried a bit harder.
It's kinda hard to make out the two fly mecha soldiers against
the background. Don't let these camouflaged beatniks get you down.
You're almost at the end of the level.

Things get really nasty here. You fly into some weird snot infested
section of the colony, and then you get assualted by a green pearl
necklace that can only be destroyed by, you guessed it, hitting it
in the head. A very annoying mini boss that takes forever with the
wrong weapon.
This boss could pass for a super evil whisk. It spins really fast and shoots
orbs at you. Sorry for the lack of screenshots but if I would have stopped,
I'd have died. My bad..



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