Level 3

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Nice wireframe again. Looks a bit like the 3d map on doom.
Probably the coolest level in the game. You start off like this...

Kirk:  "Warp speed Mr. Scott"
Scotty:  "But Captain, she CANNAE take it!"
Kirk:  "Scotty...I've...slept with over 300 different species of
women. I...think that I...can fly... this ship."
This level has some wavy backgrounds that could cause seizures.
This really should have printed that warning on the box.

Wipe the goo from off of your mouth, and keep going. you're almost there.
This mech is all that stands in your way. He takes a lot of bullets.
Don't worry, if you're too weak to take him out, he'll soon get tired of
you and fly away. Don't tell anybody though, Loser.

Don't relax yet. These blackholes suck in all of the bullets and even
the stars. You need to be really careful here.
Ah, a nice, quiet moment. They don't come often in this game.
Get a beer, some hustler, and cherish it.

A brick castle in the middle of space, surrounded by blackholes.
Not my idea of the perfect vacation getaway.
This is a damn cheap level. The Marquis De Sade would feel
quite at home here. Sick %#$#@

At this point I'm thinking "WTF". While not very hard, it leaves
you wondering. What the hell were the creators of this game smoking?



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